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Church means people: ordinary folk who together are learning to follow Jesus. The word ‘Disciple’ simply means Learner, so imagine us all with a big "L" plate on. St Mary’s today is a friendly and welcoming community of very different people, all of whom are on the journey of discovering that Jesus is worth following. Here you too are welcome, and our prayer is that you will find much to encourage and challenge your own pilgrimage, as we journey together in the steps of the one who is ‘The Way, The Truth, and The Life.’ Hopefully, you will also discover a healing community, where God’s grace is at work in the midst of the brokenness as well as the joys of life. For centuries, ordinary people of Atherstone have come to faith and some have exercised their faith in Jesus Christ partly through worshipping on this site, as well as serving their neighbours in their daily lives.

What About the Building?

Down the centuries, each generation has faced the challenges of seeking to ensure the Church building has been a suitable place to worship God and to serve the needs of the town in its day. So again and again parts have been added, or demolished and rebuilt, as needs and resources allowed. Today, we continue that tradition of reassessing the needs  of Atherstone in this 21st Century, seeking to find ways of making our building a blessing for the whole town community, and a sustainable venue, for the worship of God, and helping people come to know Jesus Christ. As well as sharing our building and Heritage with the wider audience of the town. See Our Vision

Church The Bigger Picture

St. Mary’s is part of the Church of England, and we are in the northernmost corner of the Diocese of Coventry, comprising around 200 parishes. We are also delighted to work and worship together wherever possible with our sister Churches across the town of other denominations, U.R.C., R.C.,etc.. Each Church, and each Christian denomination, has its own particular set of strengths and weaknesses. (Remember the L plate). We need each other, and can learn from each other, and we are all one in Christ, even though we have distinct local flavours and customs. In the end, it’s all about Jesus Christ, in whom we come to know the living God, and through whom we can begin to live life in all its fullness.

Where Do I Fit In?

Apart from the ‘worship’ services, like any family all kinds of things go on, and whoever you are, you’ll find something to have a go at or join in: Coffee & tea & chat, singing, playing musical instruments, having fun together, quiet days, washing up, cooking, visiting the housebound, praying with someone, joining a small group where together you can explore life’s big issues.

Active Groups include; Men’s Breakfast, Outings, Mothers’ Union lunches, G.F.S. (girls’ group), Church Lads & Girls Brigade Band, Music Group, House Groups, Bell Ringers, Church Social Group, Discovering the Heritage of our Building…

These are just for starters. Find out more about Our Church Family

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There is an accessible toilet and baby-changing facilities in the Lounge, which is accessed from the back of the church. 

hearing loop is installed. There are no steps into or within the church or Lounge. 

Parking is available around the church, and there is a larger car park opposite the church.

Please have a look round our site to find out more about us, or feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to meeting you.