St Mary’s - The World Wars

1915-1945World Wars

 Three Royal Navy ships have been named HMS Atherstone. The last Atherstone (1986) served in the Second Gulf War. Two served in the World Wars.

 The first Atherstone (1916) was built in the First World War to clear sea mines. She did the same job in the Second World War. Renamed HMS Queen of Kent, she helped the Allies invade France during Operation Overlord in 1944. 

 The second Atherstone (1939) protected ships in the Channel during the Second World War. She was damaged by bombs. In 1942 Atherstone guided a ship packed with explosives to France to blow up an enemy port.

 The people of Atherstone chose the West Window as a memorial. It                                         remembers 151 Atherstonians killed in the First World War. They                                              include Edwin Parker and Charles Beatty. Edwin’s ship sank at the                                          Battle of Jutland. Major Beatty died after losing an arm in Flanders                                          in 1916.
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