Sunday Services

Please check the Diary for the Month on the Services & Events main page for more details.

The 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month start with Prayer Book Holy Communion at 8am.

This said service is held in the Lucy chancel in the Summer months and in the heated Lounge at the back of the church in the winter.

Our main service on Sundays is at 10am and is held in the Nave during the Summer and at in the heated Lounge at the rear of the Church in the Winter.

On the first Sunday in the month we usually have a modern, flexible service of the Word as a basis for our Family Service with lively, modern songs. The children are able to take part in this service in which activities, pictures and visual aids are used as a way of telling the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

On the second, fourth and fifth Sundays we have a modern (Common Worship) service of Holy Communion to which everyone is invited. The
Children leave after the first ten minutes and enjoy their own activities and Bible teaching appropriate to each age group. 

On the third Sunday we have a Service of the Word with a special emphasis on teaching important aspects of the Christian faith. As usual the music group support the worship with modern choruses and songs. As with the Communion services, the children enjoy their own activities.

Our evening service is held in the chancel in the Summer and in the heated Lounge at the back of the church in the winter. The first and third Sundays in the months are services of Holy Communion (modern Common Worship) and
the remaining Sundays are services of Evening Prayer (again, modern Common Worship)