St Mary’s - A School 

1573-1864St.Mary's a School

In 1573, Elizabeth I granted permission for a school for  “the education, instruction and information of boys and young men in Grammer in Atherstone, for ever to endure”. Sir William Devereux opened the Free Grammar School in the chancel.

The arch between the nave and chancel was filled in. The boys got into their chilly classroom through a new doorway in the chancel’s north wall. They must have been grateful when a fireplace was built between the south windows.

The old bell called the boys to lessons. In 1607, lessons started at 6am between March and September, and at 7am during the winter.

From 1698 the Free Grammar School shared the chancel with the English School. The chancel was split by a wall, with a school on each side. The last schoolboys left St Mary’s in 1863.
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