Looking For God?

Do you have Questions? Searching for the meaning? Looking for the Reasons? Start Your Journey Here and Now.

We offer You the information on this page as a resource to help and encourage you in your own Prayerfulness. Why not take part in and help us in our own Prayer Initiative by joining our very own Prayer Chain and Prayer List initiatives. Simply follow this link to join St. Mary's own Prayer Initiative.

So many problems in our world and so many things we could and should pray for, follow this link to see some topical  Prayers for this time. Church of England Topical Prayers.

The UCB Word For Today is a very powerful prayer resource, click the link provided to see Today's Word For Today

Crusade for World Revival was founded as a Christian Ministry by Selwyn Hughes, changing its name to CWR in the mid 1980s. Since then, we have grown into an international publishing and training organisation which seeks to enable people to apply God's Word to every day life and relationships. Take a look at some of the CWR Free Resources.