Baptism (or Christening as it is sometimes known) is a ceremony of ‘beginning’ and has always been one of the most important steps that anyone can take in life. 

There is a big difference between adult (or believers) baptism and the baptism of infants, but whether the person is a baby or a senior citizen, the first step is to Contact Us so that we can arrange for you to speak to the Vicar. A meeting is then arranged; any questions are answered and the service explained. A date is then set and the family can make the necessary arrangements.

If it is an infant baptism, godparents who will pray for and encourage the child as it grows in the faith are carefully chosen. If it is an adult baptism, sponsors are selected who will support and help the candidate in the early years of their Christian life. Adult baptism is nearly always associated with Confirmation.
In both cases the whole Church also makes a commitment to help, support and encourage the newly baptized as they grow in faith.